Why do Australians like online pokies?

Have you ever heard about the enormous addiction that Australians have on pokies that are widely known as slot machine?

I am going to tell you that Australia is the gambling capital of the world with the average of $ 1,172.14 AUD spending on gambling per year. This is even more of what Americans spend on gambling or other countries do.

For Australians gambling has always been part of them, part of their culture from the early colonial days, so we can say it’s a kind of their entertainment heritage.

The heritage couldn’t do all the “job” alone, but it needed something more for the gambling and online pokies to become so popular, it was marketing and money that could do it.

Marketing can do miracle to every product or service and miracle was not needed for gambling in Australia but it made gambling hugely embraced. Another important point is money that government earns through taxation system from pokies, so they are not concerned with the damage they make to population and do not take big efforts to regulate this market.

So if we take this country that has a positive attitude toward gambling and we add some fun, add the facility of playing from everywhere with a computer and some earned money we can perfectly find the answers and understand why Australia is even called “Pokie Nation”.

As I said above Australia has embraced gambling from the colonization time and time by time it has been part of the culture and became the country with machines everywhere, in clubs, bars, hotels, casinos and every generation has been raised with the idea that gambling is a normal entertainment and nowadays it’s so popular that Australians spent a lot of money in this industry every year.

The most popular games are the online ones like spin palace and crazy winners which can be found here.   If Australia continues it’s pokie trends then the future could look interesting.