Top Watchdog Breeds


Some dog breeds have evolved with capabilities to guard, protect their family and their habitat through instinct. Even if these watchdog breeds are naturally predisposed to do this, they should be trained like all other dogs, and in particular by being associated with people early on so they can distinguish between a malicious intruder or a friend or family member.

In order to carry out this list, we selected the breed dogs with the highest guarding skills based on the number of break-ins for the year 2014, based on the statistics we have gathered.

The Belgian Shepherd

Formidable companion dog and born super dog, the Belgian Shepherd is divided into four varieties distinguished in particular by the length, the aspect and the colors of its coat.  The Belgian Shepherd is an excellent watchdog and defense dog used by the police and the military, which is very suitable for families who are rather dynamic because it is a dog that needs a lot of exercises and which Is very rambunctious. Besides, the Belgian Shepherd excels in Agility.

The American Staffordshire Terrier

Victim of unfounded myths about his aggressiveness because of a mistaken law and hawkers media, the American Staffordshire terrier is a great companion dog, good with children and protective of his family. Like the Akita Inu, this canine has unfortunately long been used as a fighting dog for its strength and courage by terrible and greedy people. A symbol of loyalty, docility, and intelligence, the American Staffordshire terrier is also a formidable watchdog and protection dog for its family, who will watch over him with vigilance and discernment. Used by the police in some countries, it is also a great aid dog for the sick. Beware, however, where you adopt an Amstaff, This breed of dog is unfortunately restricted by the law on the categorization of dogs called “dangerous” in some countries which induce obligations if not followed can result in penalty or confiscation, fines and especially euthanasia.

The Rottweiler

Balanced and calm, the Rottweiler impresses with its huge and intimidating physique. A true protector of his family and has a certain sweetness with children, Rottweilers have wrongly suffered from a reputation as an aggressive dog, accentuated by the dark color of their coat which also affects the Doberman. A very good guardian, the Rottweiler is devoted to his family and very loving of his territory. PS, the Rottweiler is unfortunately also restricted by the law of categorization on dogs in some countries. If you get a Rottweiler it helps to have a heavy duty dog crate like the ones on this site

The Boxer

Probably one of the kindest guard dogs, the Boxer is an easy going dog, docile and obedient. Good with children, it is a formidable guardian, courageous and without fear when it comes to defending its family and its home. The Boxer will suit most families on condition of giving him long walks so that he runs a lot and gets good exercise.

The German Shepherd

Faithful, intelligent, protective and athletic, the German Shepherd is known for his natural working abilities and his elegant and athletic physique. A very good watchdog with remarkable abilities of strength and action in a given situation, the German Shepherd needs to be stimulated intellectually and to walk regularly to burn up his energy. Very versatile, the German Shepherd is used by police and army forces for protection and military missions. It is also a very good aid dog for the sick.