The Smallest Dog Breeds

When talking about small dog breeds, we refer to those who weigh less than 10 kilos and their stature is less than 30 centimeters tall. Sometimes, they are also called “toy dogs”, especially if they have been raised for convenience in the home, or by the simple delight of the owner.

If you live in an apartment or want a dog to accompany you wherever you go, then you may want to take a look at the smallest dogs in the world. Keep in mind, however, that small dogs are not necessarily the easiest to handle, and that cute does not mean tender.

Tha Smallest Dog Breeds:


It is widely considered to be the smallest dog breed in the world, usually standing less than 25 centimeters tall, and weighing less than 2.7 kilograms. However, he has a great personality.

If trained well, the Chihuahua can be friendly with children, loyal and affectionate. If not, it can bite infants and strangers, or become extremely jealous. Chihuahuas need daily exercise, and if they are held all the time, they are more likely to show bad behavior.

Griffon of Brussels

This is a small dog, with a big heart. He loves to be surrounded by people and above all, close to his masters, whose company he prefers. He is cheerful, intelligent and easy to train to perform tricks. He gets along well with other pets and loves to play with children.

A good advice for its owner is to take it for a walk frequently, as it is very active nature.


It’s small but you certainly do not see yourself that way. This dog compensates its size with dignity and a certain air of importance, which is not surprising since it was the mascot of the Chinese imperial family. Because of the elegance of its bearing, it is said that it looks like a small lion.

Pekingese hair is long and beautiful, so they need a daily brushing and thorough cleaning every 2 or 3 months. Their fur keeps them warm, so they prefer cold rather than high temperatures.

They also prefer to stay at home, which is advisable, since they are prone to back injuries, heart problems and colds.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire terrier was originally raised for the capture of rats, an activity that can be done easily, as it is curious by nature, brave and determined. It seems unaware of its size; In fact, he is always ready to face danger or go on an adventure.

Because he is a working dog, he is intelligent, easy to train and eager to please.

Currently, these dogs are more common as companions. They are loyal, sweet, and can play with children if they are properly trained.

They are also good watchdogs.


They look like miniature Spitz dogs and are sometimes called Dwarf Spitz. They are intelligent, eager to learn, playful and affectionate. They also like to be at the center of attention, as at the time when Queen Victoria owned and pampered one of them.

These dogs have a tendency to bark excessively, which can be contained at an early age if they are provided with the means to spend the surplus energies with daily walks.

Fox Terrier

If you’ve ever seen a clown with a dog, it’s probably a toy Fox terrier. These puppies are often used in the circus and similar shows, as they are easily trainable and loyal to their owners. They are also good at hunting squirrels and rats.

They love to explore outdoors, but they thrive in an apartment, as long as they can practice enough exercise.

Japanese Chin

It is said that this dog used to be the mascot of Japanese nobles, which is no surprise, as a companion is charming. It is dedicated to its owner, loving and loyal. He loves attention and since he is intelligent, he can be taught tricks to look like spinning or dancing on his hind legs.

Of all the breeds of small dogs, the Japanese Chin is considered the most similar to the cat, because it has a good sense of balance and the ability to hide well, and since it uses its legs to wash its face.