Different Species of Tropical Fish

pet fishIf you want to take care of your fish and their aquarium, you should try to understand their needs. You can pick between freshwater and saltwater fish. The freshwater fish are composed of two types: Coldwater and tropical. There are a number of types that you can get if you want to start a tank. Therefore, What is the most popular types?


The Pantodontidae Species: This type of fish includes a few subspecies, like the butterfly. Their origin is Africa and their maximum size is 9cm. The body of the butterflyfish is generally flat and has small patterns on it. Tropical fish have an interesting look to them.

They have a mouth that turns up and boat-shaped bodies. You will also notice a big chest that is like wings almost. Some of them will be darker, while others will be grayish. In some cases, you will see dark spots or stripes on their scales.

This is a species that is generally quite non-aggressive, but you should still keep them together with fish of the same species.

This is not a fish that will mate easily in the tank. If you want fish that will mate, pick a species that is easier to accomplish that with. If you still want to go with the Pandotidae and they do mate, give their offspring small insects to eat. It takes around three days for the eggs to hatch.

The Gnathonemus Petersi Species: Another name for this species is the elephant fish. Their maximum size in an aquarium is around 10-11cm and they can be found in Africa and specifically Cameroon. However, in the wild, they can get much bigger and up to 23cm (9 inches). Their chins are long and squeezed against their body. They have both a back and an anal fin. Their color is usually either dark brown or black, with white stripes.

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